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Class 11 Economics By Professor Vinit Kumar

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Class 11 Economics By Professor Vinit Kumar. These Lectures are beneficial for Class 11th Students. Study Material will be accessible through the Downloadable Link & Pendrive Classes.

The topic which will be Covered:
1. Introduction & PPC2. Forms of Business Organisation
2. Consumer’s Equilibrium
3. Theory of Demand & Its Elasticity
4. Production Function
5. Cost & Revenue
6. Producer’s Equilibrium
7. Supply & Its Elasticity
8. Form of Market
9. Market Equilibrium
10. Collection of Data
11. Organisation of Data
12. Diagramatic Presentation
13. Graphical Presentation
14. Central Tendency- Mean, Median & Mode
15. Measure of Dispersion
16. Correlation
17. Index Number

Take the Benefit and Learn Economics By Professor Vinit Kumar


Download Link with Hard-Book
Duration Approximately 70 Hours
Video Language Hindi
Faculty Name Professor Vinit Kumar
Course Material Language English
Study Material Hard Book
Package Details Video Lectures + Study Material
Exams validity
Doubt Solving Facility Email, Whatsapp, Call
Delivery Free Delivery Non Cancellable
Product Dispatch with in 24-48 Hr.
Total No. Views Unlimited Views (Till Exam)

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